Remodeled Gunite pool & Hot Tub

This spillover looks great

Remodel a gunite pool and spill over hot tub that had leaked since day one. The original builder used tile that was not meant for pool construction. This design worked for the court yard back yard but the loss of water was becoming more and more of a problem. The grout was missing all over the tile line and I was sure that was the problem. The water would drain down to the bottom of the tile and stop leaking. So initially we were about to re grout the tile when I carried a piece of tile to city tile in Murfreesboro where it was purchased originally. When discussing the tile with Doug the store owner we discovered the tile was not impervious enough to have been used for pool tile. Hence we discovered the reason all the grout was missing was because the water was wicking through the tile. A complete renovation was now underway. We replaced the tile in the pool and hot tub. We re-plastered both and properly rebuilt the spillover. We also had to remove and replace and reinstall all of the coping. Moral of the story. Know your pool builder. This pool scape was now ready for years of enjoyment!